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Washing machine for new start up business help
12/11/2015, 20:28 ,
Washing machine for new start up business help
Hi can anyone advise me please. My daughter and I have a service only laundry room beginning in Jan 2016. The machines will be sited in my integral garage and the shop will be ironing and drop off point. We think we need a 16kg washer and the same size dryer to handle Bed and Breakfast sheets and also duvets. Do we buy do we Lease? Is recon a good start up way to go? I have one compny not sure if I can mention their name seem very helpful but the cost of recon for age seemed mad. Really would appreciate some help in a good machine, a good dryer for sheets, towels and duvets and best way to go about it bearing in mind cash flow.

Eternally grateful for any help or advice

Thank you Confused
12/11/2015, 21:12 ,
RE: Washing machine for new start up business help
Hi Debbie, and welcome. Firstly, NALI are primarily here to help those offering facilities for others to use (whether paid for or not) but obviously our experience is relevant to you and others in your field.

Before we get to the detail of machines etc, can we first establish if you have any experience of laundering on a commercial basis (obviously apart from domestic washing) and is the garage integral to the shop or at home? Is the shop to be used for any other purpose than receiving work and ironing it? You say the recon cost for age is 'mad' - are you comparing with domestic machines?
Ours is not to wonder why - ours is but to wash and dry....
13/11/2015, 15:02 ,
RE: Washing machine for new start up business help
Hi Peter,

Many thanks fro your reply. We have no experience of commercial laundering. However my daughter does run successful ironing business for domestic customers and also a Bed & breakfast. The shop is in the High St and is purely an ironing parlour and drop off point for laundry. The garage is at my home 5 mins away from the shop and that is where we intend to site the machines - its integral garage to the house and fairly large.

Our intention is to get B & B work, hairdressers etc along with the normal High St trade. We are looking in the region of £10,000 for a new washer and a new dryer or around £5,000 for the same but 8 yrs old and recon. Is it worth us just leasing the new 16KG to start with?? If so what would be the best company or machines for the start up purpose??

Hope you can help advise.

Thanks Debbie
16/11/2015, 16:27 ,
RE: Washing machine for new start up business help
I don't want to put you off setting up this business but, personally, would not recommend processing on two sites as you are planning.

Here are a few of the many things to consider however you proceed. If you choose a washer that heats the water, you will probably have to upgrade your electric supply and also allow for longer cycle times. If the washer is 'boiler-fed', i.e. hot and cold fill without heating elements, it will be quicker but you will need an additional hot water supply - your domestic system is unlikely to cope. The floor may need reinforcing - not just to take the weight of the washer (plus laundry and water) but due to the force exerted when the washer goes into spin.

An electric-heat dryer would be costly to run (and again, the supply would need upgrading) and a gas dryer will probably need a larger supply to the property - possible, but expensive. It will also need a flue, and a sufficient supply of cold 'make-up' air.

You'd also have to speak with your water company - and the sewerage company if this comes under a different provider in your area.

If you do use the garage, you would need to inform your insurers, and obtain business cover (otherwise any problems stemming from the machines would not be covered) and also consider how you would ensure that damp work is free of any contamination on the way to the shop for ironing. You may also be liable for business rates.

The good news is the prices you mentioned seem high. Speak with some of our supplier members - their details can be found here to give you a better idea of costs. I would prefer to have 2 smaller washers - say 10/12Kg - to give more flexibility and the ability to wash different classifications at the same time.

Unless you have a definate guarantee of work coming in, you might even consider starting with relatively inexpensive domestic machines and scale up when you have a better idea of the volume of work available.
Ours is not to wonder why - ours is but to wash and dry....
16/11/2015, 22:44 ,
RE: Washing machine for new start up business help
Dear Peter,

Many thanks for your reply and thoughts. I have been so worried about this whole thing and I think we are running before we can walk. I am now going to get a larger machine prob up to 14KG realistically priced and fine for the garage to go alongside my normal domestic machine and tumble dryer. If we get so busy that we cant cope thats when we review the whole thing. At least we will not blow our cash flow and make expensive mistakes. Thank you so much your advice is seriously vaulable.
22/11/2015, 13:32 ,
RE: Washing machine for new start up business help
Yes, it's often better to start small and then expand if things go well. Good luck, and do let us know how it goes in due course.
Ours is not to wonder why - ours is but to wash and dry....

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