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Pay Point
10/03/2014, 21:10 ,
Pay Point
Hi, can anyone recommend a central pay point other than Staffords as I do not think he is still supplying.

11/03/2014, 09:18 ,
RE: Pay Point
I suggest that you go to the exhibition at Ascot next month. I know that Comestero will be there. Nali will be there as well. I shall be attending. I am a happy user of Stafford kit.
11/03/2014, 14:44 ,
RE: Pay Point
Great thanks I will look out for it.

15/06/2018, 13:59 , (This post was last modified: 15/06/2018, 15:11 by markpaypoints.)
RE: Pay Point
Hi Roy,

We offer an alternative to the Staffords Paypoint that is fitted with 2 coin acceptors and a note acceptor.
The MARK L300 has been modified to meet the requirements of UK operators , I'll be happy to discuss the options , please feel free to contact me.
Mark Haswell
Veeroy Laundry Solutions Ltd

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