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Electricity Prices
02/01/2014, 18:38 ,
Electricity Prices
Hi everyone, our electricity contract is due for renewal - do you have any recommendations for cheapest prices/suppliers? Many Thanks - David.
02/01/2014, 21:41 ,
RE: Electricity Prices
Welcome, David. I'm going through the same process at the moment - so far the best I've found is edf, but am still searching.
Do bear in mind that many suppliers charge different rates in the different supply areas and price can also vary according to consumption, so best advice is to enquire direct to as many suppliers as you can find and then try a broker.
Ours is not to wonder why - ours is but to wash and dry....
06/01/2014, 13:43 ,
RE: Electricity Prices
I tend to start with an online quote from nPower. Not too much data to provide and you have an instant price.
There is a lot of enthusiasm to push us into two and thee year deals. From my recent experience you should not be paying anything extra on a two year deal.
I have just renewed with existing supplier on a two year deal at 11.4p/kWh and 18.85p/d (Norweb area.)

09/01/2014, 19:00 ,
RE: Electricity Prices
Thank you all, much appreciated
17/01/2014, 20:28 ,
RE: Electricity Prices
Thanks for advice - we have today agreed a new 2 year contract with total gas & power at 11.25p KWh with 25p daily standing charge. This was the best price we could get in the market, we were previously paying 9.25p KWh with 40p daily standing charge. David.

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