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Duvet bag
04/10/2018, 21:38 ,
Duvet bag
Hi, does anyone know of a company selling duvet bags. We clean around 20-30 duvets a week at the mo and return them in black plastic bags which doesn`t look great. just wondered if there are better specialised bags \i can use.
11/10/2018, 14:03 ,
RE: Duvet bag
I suggest you try Steve Smith at The Laundry Room - one of the NALI Supplier Members. The link to their website is on this page.
Ours is not to wonder why - ours is but to wash and dry....
13/11/2018, 13:17 ,
RE: Duvet bag
I might give them a call too. I hadn't thought to look for a duvet bag specifically either so I'm glad I've seen this post.

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