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Special offer prices till end August 2018
18/07/2018, 11:14 , (This post was last modified: 18/07/2018, 11:18 by markpaypoints.)
Special offer prices till end August 2018
Just negotiated some fantastic discounts from our supplier (Mark Srl) for paypoints including the W300 , limited time discounts of up to 50% available for orders placed by the end of August 2018 . We offer flexible configurations to include necessary peripherals and more importantly exclude items not required. Why pay for something that is not needed ?

The L300 model now includes 2 coin accceptors as standard to make it the ideal replacement for the Staffords and Brookfords paypoints.

We are also pleased to offer the option to purchase by finance to spread the cost over 2 to 5 years, some very competitive rates on available (subject to credit approval and ususal checks)

Contact me for more information.
Mark Haswell
Veeroy Laundry Solutions Ltd

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