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Coin mech update for new £1 coin.
02/03/2017, 13:11 ,
Coin mech update for new £1 coin.
If anyone has an old 'flex' central paypoint installed by Tony Offord I have found somewhere that can upgrade their old coin mechs to take the new £1 coin. Hurrah! (This also applies to the man in the coin op conference who had a similar black coin mech for his change machine ). They are called Eurocoin. The phone number is 01707 280 050. The person dealing with my mechs is Nick Holmes. He's very willing to help Smile
15/06/2018, 13:36 ,
RE: Coin mech update for new £1 coin.
Hi Clean Zone,
We are also able to update and reapir coin acceptors (includiing programming the new £1) and in addition we can supply new and refurbished one in case the once you have are beyond repair. We're based in Camberley Surrey and have a van run that covers most area's.
We supply the complete range of Mark paypoints in case you are looking to replace your curent one. Feel free to contact me on 07753 228 041 or
Mark Haswell
Veeroy Laundry Solutions Ltd

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