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Why YOU should join NALI
12/04/2013, 10:32 , (This post was last modified: 12/04/2013, 11:28 by Peter Morrow.)
Why YOU should join NALI
Every UK launderette, and anyone else who provides coin-operated equipment for others to use whether on camping sites, caravan parks, blocks of flats, hotels, Universities, cruise ships etc etc should join the National Association of the Launderette Industry. These are the main benefits:

FREE legal advice on any launderette-related issue including staffing, Health & Safety etc. providing all your sites are registered with NALI

FREE quarterly magazine with industry news from around the country, information on new and changing legislation covering Health & Safety, Employment, information on Insurance and the Utilities market

FREE Independent arbitration and negotiation services for customer disputes

FREE Liaison with the Government on pending new legislation

FREE Liaison with the Health & Safety Authorities on our industry requirements

FREE Constant up-dating of employment legislation with advice and services available to help with any problems you may have

FREE Technical Assistance on services and equipment

FREE Utility supply advice on pricing and services for Gas, Water and Electricity

FREE Online Forum for discussion, information and latest news

You can get all this support and be a part of YOUR trade association for just £65 a year (under 18p per day) plus £6 for any additional sites you operate. Can you really afford NOT to be a member? PM me now for an application form.
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